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If anyone wants to rape Liz Trotta then go right ahead, she’d be totally okay with it, because she understands how rapey men are, especially when they are in “close contact” with women–like, say in any working environment such as the Senate or the House or any business anywhere, or the deli-counter at lunch time or a restaurant or the DMV or at an airport, or in some large city or small town, or at home .

LIZ TROTTA:  “Defense Secretary Leon Panetta commented on a new Pentagon report on sexual abuse in the military. I think they have actually discovered there is a difference between men and women. And the sexual abuse report says that there has been, since 2006, a 64% increase in violent sexual assaults. Now, what did they expect? These people are in close contact…”

Everyone knows men love sports, and beer and barbecues and fast cars; but they also love rape (duh!).

Soldiers love all those things too, plus thrash metal and blowing things up but since 2006 American soldiers also love rape 64% more than those too cowardly to join-up and defend our freedom to be raped.

So why is this news? I mean,  shouldn’t we be glad that our soldiers are getting 64% more rape-benefits than civilians? Don’t our brave men deserve to have more rape-benefits than male civilians do?

Well, of course. That’s not the problem.

The problem is when women complain about being raped—it generates a lot of paperwork, and that costs money, a lot of money.

LIZ TROTTA: “The budget for the Defense Department’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office leapt from $5 million in fiscal 2005 to more than $23 million in fiscal 2010. Total Defense Department spending on sexual assault prevention and related efforts now exceeds $113 million annually.” That’s from McClatchy Newspapers.”

$23 million is the price of an Apache 64A Attack Helicopter. Here’s a picture of a rape victim (Warning: Graphic content, may be disturbing to viewers):

Who’s to blame for this reckless spending on trying to replace our rape freedoms with inefficient anti-free-market Big Government anti-rape regulations?

Not patriotic real women like Sarah Palin of course, but frumpy feminists! Feminist women who have the crazy liberal ‘if it feels good do it” irresponsible attitude that rape is a criminal offense instead of a totally natural male activity, like leaving the toilet seat up or not being able to find their socks!

It’s these ‘feminist’ hemp-chewing harridans, comfortably sitting at home ‘blogging’ on their Solyndra solar-powered computers (ironically using the Internet by the way, which was invented by the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency to ensure the US military could exchange vital morale-boosting rape stories via  e-mail, in the event of a nuclear war with Russia) who have been spitting on America’s victory in Iraq  ever since May 30 2003, when President George Bush landed on an aircraft carrier, declared that major combat operations were over and everything else would be plain –sailing, and didn’t then rape anyone—even though he obviously had the ‘package’ (and the John Woo imparted executive authority) to do so . No–one on the loony-left gives Bush credit for not raping any female, sailors, do they? Well DO THEY?!

No, they don’t! (*sniff*)

In ‘fact’ (copyright FOX News) it’s now obvious that the whole Iraq War was a plot hatched by the top-secret George Soros-funded liberal think-tank Post-it Notes Are Cool (PNAC) to drive-up the price of office-supplies so they could privately profit from the paperwork involved in rape–claims in order to increase the size of government and establish a socialist nirvana of bureaucracy.

But, I digress.

The thing is, ‘rape’ is more than totally okay when American freedoms and the cost of office supplies are at stake (not to mention the pernicious growth of Big Government and Big Feminism).

‘Rape’ is not an act of violence but a natural male instinct that women should not only expect but nurture in accordance with their own nature; not just for the good of the country, but also for the good of Boeing ( manufacturer of the 23 million-dollar  Apache AH-64A, which desperately needs to be upgraded to the $35 million AH-64D standard)and not-so- much for the benefit of Post-It note manufacturer, 3M).

The point is, Liz Trotta, as a female of the opposite sex, won’t mind if you (or anyone else with a penis or reasonable facsimile thereof, like a broom or a toilet plunger)  not only won’t mind being ‘raped’ but actually welcomes the opportunity, on behalf of freedom loving, Big Government hating, fiscally conservative, anti- expensive office-supply free-market ladies everywhere in the lower 48 and Alaska but not the African-country of Hawaii.

Liz Trotta totally  wants you to bang her like a shit-house door in a hurricane–but not too much!

64% more than normal should be enough to ensure freedom’s future.

And if you patriotic guys somehow need a little more incentive, here’s a picture of Liz, totally gagging for it:

Who wouldn’t want to’ hit- that’, for Freeeeedommmmmm!?


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