Out with the Old Garbage, In with the New Garbage

Posted in Uncategorized by 5thstate on October 6, 2009

“A system that generates energy from rubbish is being sent by defense firm Qinetiq to the US army.”

As you may know, the US army is infamous for producing and then improperly disposing of, garbage—just as the US as a whole is famous before being the world’s #1 in trash production. So this is great news for the US and America, right? American ingenuity saves the day! Jobs! Less pollution!

Well it would be great if the invention were American, but it isn’t; it’s British, and it’s something that America couldn’t possibly have created because Bushmerica, where science and reason had been declared officially “Un-American” and an affront to God, had prevented the US from a whole host of practical scientific development of national and global human, economic, and environmental benefit that otherwise would have been undertaken in the great American tradition of innovation.

“The PyTEC system heats mixed waste, releasing a gas that can be burned to produce five times more energy than is required to drive the system.

Qinetiq say that the system, already in use on British navy ship HMS Ocean, has been “containerised” for US army use.

The approach could see use in urban areas, reducing municipal waste volume by 95% while producing energy.

The process hinges on pyrolysis, in which waste subjected to high temperatures releases combustible gases.

In essence it is the same process that happens above a match; heating of the wood releases gases that burn in the presence of oxygen, producing the visible flame.

In pyrolysis, the heating occurs in the absence of oxygen, and the released gases are gathered and stored for later use.

This is in contrast to simple incineration or gasification – another energy-from-waste approach that heats particular kinds of waste in the presence of oxygen to create combustible gases.

Typically, such systems require that the waste be of a singular type, and diced up before entering the gasification chamber.

What exits the system is a glassy substance just 5% the volume of the waste that entered, along with 400kW of power.”

Although the system apparently produces 5 times more useful energy than it consumes it isn’t “creating” energy but rather it releases stored, unexploited energy.

The market for this device is staggering especially for the US, the world’s #1 garbage producer, and beyond the jobs it can create from its manufacture and installation (with appropriate infrastructure ) its use would suggest a significant reduction in polluting landfills and the environmental problems that those entail.

Now it remains to be seen what byproducts might result from this process, but if the overwhelming byproduct is practically inert then Qinetiq will have done a great service to mankind and will make ludicrous amounts of money in the process.

And it might have been America, rather than Britain, who would have claimed the glory and reaped the rewards of this invention but for the Bushmerica and the Republicans who STILL insist for all their talk of self-determination and practicality that our collective destinies are irrefutably controlled by an invisible super-being who hasn’t done jack shit for his own creation in, oh, 6,00 years? .

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